Thing surfboard
Thing surfboard
Thing surfboard
Thing surfboard
Thing surfboard
Thing surfboard


Versatility and speed combined with predictability and control.

The short and curvy THING just got a makeover!

The THING was originally devised in 2010 to be the miniaturized version of a Fletcher Four-fin to be ridden compact and under volume in punchy waves. However, for most every day conditions and wave types the protocol for standardized dims led many to believe that the THING model in normal sizing would become the only board you would ever need for 90% of your surfing.

  • Absolute workhorse of a daily driver performance board
  • True convertible 5-fin = tri for nearly everything and quad for when it’s firing
  • Flat to single concave with slight vee behind center fin
  • Order 1” shorter than your standard performance board

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Dawned from the antecedent base design platform of stretch’s performance shortboards, the THING carries the torch of the predictable single concave design in a balanced outline with continuous rocker and equitable foil.

The semi-full yet curvy nose and tail carry on the heritage of the original THING design but is now optimized into a length that will accommodate most all wave types you typically encounter that doesn’t require a specialty board or a gun.

Highly versatile and begging to be configured as custom, the THING can still be ridden short and wide or longer and narrower depending on your personal preference and waves you commonly frequent. A wider tail, shallower concave and slightly more rocker than the Skate model allows you to use one board to reach further into the ultra rippable wave source without bogging in the small stuff.

A similar 5-fin configuration as the 2x4 with increased small wave prowess make the THING model the steadfast “do-it-all” board in the Stretch line-up.

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