• Half-Moon Tail Towin Board
  • Half-Moon Tail Towin Board
  • Round Tail Towin Board


Hands down, the most progressive surfboard design to be proven on the gnarliest waves ever ridden. Every Stretch Tow Board is individually shaped from our custom built, hand made, sandwich composite core.

All tow boards come complete with:

  • Stretch's exclusive modular weighting system
  • Custom rubber coated 5 & 10 lb. weights
  • Carbon fiber internal frame
  • Balsa wood flex dampening system
  • Custom designed modular foot pads
  • Reversible stance positioning and form adjustable foot straps
  • Stretch's fin template and foil in custom G-10 fiberglass.
  • Available 5'5" - 6'0" in tri or quad.
  • Inquire for custom sizing and artwork.
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