Tail Dragger surfboard
Tail Dragger surfboard

Tail Dragger

Ample tail flip for that perfect nose ride.

  • 60s style longboard that beckons cheater 5s and hang 10 fantasy nose rides
  • Pinched 50/50 rails, deep nose concave
  • Straight outline and full tail
  • Flattened nose with increased tail flip for pivot and go, fulcrum like turning
1960’s era specific nose rider with reverse rocker

The resurgent flux of rootsy longboarding has allowed everything from alaia’s to yard-sale-find-ding-repair showdowns to inspire and rediscover our methods of wave sliding. No matter what is under your feet, wave riding should be fun and the Tail Dragger is just another form of Stretch Boards intuitive functionality feeding the need to perch up on the nose with a big smile on your face.

Having distinct characteristics of a traditional and classic longboard, the Tail Dragger’s most notable feature is the reverse rocker profile. The thin, flattened nose and mid section rocker transition to a substantial curvature in the tail allowing for pivotal turning and a sensation of maneuvering a much shorter board.

A straight outline provides a fuller width nose and tail that isn’t plank-ish. Combined with pinched 50/50 rails and a large nose concave, the ease of setting the rail in pockety wave faces and parking it up front becomes a graceful and effortless routine.

Rolled vee and belly bottom can be appreciated by fancy feet longboard connoisseurs and wave sliding advocates alike. For those who enjoy trimming on the front end of their board, the Tail Dragger is a no brainer.

Comes standard as single-fin only and is an excellent platform to customize as minimalist as possible or with design and structural options akin to an art piece you’d hang on your wall.

Stock size offerings
  • 9’0” x 22.5” x 3”
  • 9’6” x 23” x 3.25”

Contact us for customization and size options

  • CFT heavy (EPS Tech) Construction including (deck channels, double layer top and bottom RWG direct size 6oz. cloth, ½” stringer)
  • Futures ONESHOT pre-lamination 10.75” center fin box (fin not included)
  • Glass on single, PU core and additional glass layers available upon request
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