Super Buzz

Fills the gap between grovel machine and performance board.

Based off the compact design platform of the revolutionary high performance oriented Mr. Buzz model that Nathan Fletcher and Stretch have brought to fruition, the Super Buzz fills that gap of grovel machine and performance board in waves that don’t necessarily conjure up more than just a disappointed sigh.

  • Buzz family genes share the same single to double concave with vee out tail
  • Optimized foil, relaxed rocker and curvier tail compared to Mr. Buzz = broadened usability in all around surf from waist to overhead
  • Can be ridden 6-8” shorter and 3/8” to ½” wider than normal daily driver


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Extremely full nose and tail with straighter rail lines allow you to go short like Mr. Buzz. The tail block however is about 3/8”-1/2” narrower than what you’d see in Mr. Buzz to add curve and allows you to flat turn and redirect without having to lean hard into the rail. It also helps to reduce surface area to accommodate a 5-fin configuration. It will work better as a tri fin than Mr. Buzz. You can even try it as a nubster set up!


Obviously less than Mr. Buzz and allows for extremely easy paddling yet will still go vertical and pull G-force turns at speed without drifting or washing out the tail. Compared to Mr. Buzz, it has about 3/8” extra nose rocker and ¼” less tail rocker. Almost our A rocker with a flip of B rocker out the tail.


These aren’t “pluggy” rails but the foil and deck contours feature all the right foam in all the right places and carries a flatter deck to push some foam outwards from the center. The front end is a bit thinner than Mr. Buzz and supports a “fuller” rear end to allow you to get way back and control the board off the tail at lower speeds and in less powerful conditions. Compared to any other “groveler” you’d think these rails are a bit sleeker for sure.

Bottom Contours

Yep. Same as Mr. Buzz. The exception being that the single concave is a bit more prevalent in the front end to stabilize under the front foot. That same single concave still straightens the centerline rocker and transitions to ¼” deep double concaves through the fins for lift, easy rail-to-rail transitions and neutralized weight positioning over the center of the board.

Super Buzz logo
Super Buzz surfboard
Super Buzz surfboard
Super Buzz surfboard
Super Buzz surfboard
Super Buzz surfboard
Super Buzz surfboard
Super Buzz surfboard
Super Buzz surfboard
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