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No Friends

Small wave crowd control

No friends... it's kinda what happens when you feel the primal urge to just catch as many waves as possible. Sometimes you need to feed the need and satiate your hunger. Hunt. Gather. Forage. Harvest as many waves as possible before the next swell drought sets in.

Design features:

  • combines full nose outline with narrow tail outline for paddle power and maneuverability
  • flat deck profile for stability and ease of use
  • G-Buzz rocker with single to double conceives
  • size it short and wide to whip quick or longer and narrower if you really bum out the crowd!

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If surfing is on your mind but the waves are lacking then this is your tool of choice. Slithering through the crowded line ups, scratching into swell lumps worthy only of a log and milking every little ripple of a wave is where this model shines. The NO Friends model is that saving grace for when you want to pack in your wave quota before the next inevitable flat spell occurs.

Taking cues from the IT, Skate and BUZZ models, the NO Friends design was created to have optimum small wave aptitude. The wide nose combined with the G-BUZZ rocker provide paddle power and stability while the narrower tail and Buzz concaves give the ability to scoot the rear end around in even the weakest wave faces without compromising control. The Flat deck profile distributes more volume under your chest and the 5-fin convertible option allows you to get weird.

It's not that we're promoting anti-social behavior so much as we're identifying the fact that when we are wave starved in a hyper crowded surf zone, the blinders often come up and it's a one track mind sort of deal. "Sorry if i paddled away to catch that last wave. Didn't look like you were able to get into it anyways."

One look at that logo on your board could serve as a silent apology for your behavior. You didn't want to hear your buddy talk about how his work week was going anyhow, did you?

available stock sizes:

  • 5'4" x 21" x 2.25" vol. 32.3L nose: 17.4" tail: 15.9" TB: 7.2"
  • 5'6" x 22" x 2.375" vol. 36.8L nose: 18.0" tail: 16.5" TB: 7.6"
  • 5'8" x 23" x 2.5" vol. 41.7L nose: 18.6" tail: 17.0" TB: 7.9"

recommended fins:

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