Mr. Buzz SK8 surfboard
Mr. Buzz SK8 surfboard
Mr. Buzz SK8 surfboard
Mr. Buzz SK8 surfboard
Mr. Buzz SK8 surfboard
Mr. Buzz SK8 surfboard

Mr. Buzz

The closest thing to a skateboard on water.

  • Avant-garde ultra high performance quad for vertical surfing and big airs
  • Low entry rocker, extreme tail flip, pronounced single to double concave
  • Order 10” shorter and ½” wider than your normal performance thruster


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Designed with Nathan Fletcher’s desire for the shortest surfboard possible, Mr. Buzz is the closest thing to skateboarding on water. To enhance Mr. Buzz’s sensitivity and straighter outline, Stretch and Nathan concocted the SK8 deck profile to provide added leverage when leaning on rail and give connectivity unlike anything else.

The entire "Buzz series" in general utilizes hydrodynamic principles with notes from Venturi, Bernoulli and Newton. Combined with Stretch's multidisciplinary composite construction expertise and Nathan’s reputation for doing the seemingly impossible, the reality of next level surfing has come to those looking to evolve.

Although the shortened length doesn't reveal it's intended purpose, there is quite a bit of accelerated tail rocker allowing the wide tail to turn quickly and the ramped ridges of the SK8 deck act as gas pedals to get the rail hooked up immediately.

Designed to be ordered 10” shorter than your normal board for calculated attacks, Mr. Buzz can benefit with a little extra length and girth for more daily driver duties when the waves aren't pitching square. The SK8 deck increases volume and in conjunction with the racey rail profile, the centerline thickness referenced in the stock dims suggest 1/4" thickness reduction from your typical daily driver board to retain similar float.

CFT std construction is default on all stock sizes. Mr. Buzz is an excellent board to customize as light weight for ultimate in quickness and pop or beefed up for repetitive stomping and overall abuse. Stringerless blanks, carbon rails and various core materials all await those wanting to get weird and Mr. Buzz is an excellent canvas to build a board as unique as you want your surfing to be.

Mr. Buzz is fin sensitive and likes experimentation but keep in mind that it is designed to be ridden as quad only. Recommended fins are full aspect ratio, large surface area, raked front fins from 4.625” to 5.25”. Rider style and preference can vary but most everyone will benefit from normal sized symmetrical rears from 4.0” to 4.375”. The signature BUZZ quad set designed and sold exclusively by Stretch is the optimum choice to get you started.

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