Lil Buddy surfboard
Lil Buddy surfboard

Lil Buddy

Back foot friendly, ultra fast thruster design

  • Pronounced single to double concave
  • Wider tail block for quick inherent speed in weaker waves
  • Predictable and highly versatile rocker and foil can be pushed hard where other boards squirm

Tail options

Squash or swallow with more neutral to front footed surfers finding adaptability in wider round pins

Fin options

Comes default as a tri-fin but can be adapted to a tightened quad in a 5-fin convertible cluster


balanced template with wide point exact center. semi-full nose with relatively wide performance tail allows for manueverability in weaker waves.


Low spherical rocker uses a single concave to flatten the centerline. the transition to double concave profile out the tail destabilizes the rear end for easy rail to rail transitions and speed off your back foot for quick vertical attacks.


medium 50/50 rails

Lil Buddy logo
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