2x4 Step up surfboard
2x4 Step up surfboard
2x4 Step up surfboard
2x4 Step up surfboard

2x4 Step up

Having enough paddle power and speed is no longer an excuse.

  • Fearless big brother shares it’s single to double concave, full nose outline and reliable rocker
  • Paddle monger with refined foil and pulled tail outline for enhanced control
  • The swiss army knife in the minimalist surfers quiver
  • Order +2-3” longer and 1/8” thicker than your standard daily driver

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A 2x4 that’s brawny, cultivated and refined for when the ocean starts swinging back

When it’s time to batten down the hatches and start getting serious, one shouldn’t have to deviate much from what they know. A responsible, familiar and easy to use tool that’s more specialized at handling the bigger tasks is always needed. When your daily driver starts getting a little nervous, the 2x4 step up takes over and eases the way.

Consider it a top shelf version of the original 2x4 if you will. The more refined step up version features a little less single concave up front, slightly narrower outline, refined foil and a little more overall rocker. All this adds up to a sophisticated yet familiar ride that’s unrivaled for that occasional all time swell but isn’t restricted to being left untouched the rest of the time there are fun waves to be had.

Optimized for larger and more powerful conditions, the standard 5-fin convertible fin cluster remains the same yet the quad rear pair is configured to have a 1/8” less toe angle compared to the original 2x4 model. Borrowed from Stretch’s extensive use and development of quad gun fin set-ups, the relatively straighter quad rears combined with the foil, rocker and outline characteristics designed in the 2x4 step up allow for even more confidence inspiring speed and drive in hollow waves.

Utilizing the same slightly fuller outline as the 2x4 model means that the step up version can still be ridden slightly shorter than a normal step up or semi-gun. Available with sk8 deck option as well means that control, maneuverability and wave count can all still be had when the waves start checking your ego.

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